Music for Jazz Band Two

Jazz Standards & Improvising Solos-
"When the Saints"

"All the Things You Are"
"My Funny Valentine"

It is suggested that the jazz student buy a copy of the "REAL BOOK" (also is available in Bass Clef) which has hundreds of jazz standards. On the pages of this website are tools & information about improvising over the chords of jazz tunes. The tools for making up your own melodies for solos are the notes of the chords (arpeggios) that harmonize the melody of the jazz tune as well as the scales (modes) implied by those chord tones and the melody. Some sample exercises with both arpeggios and scales are included here.

The .mus files can be downloaded and opened with FINALE, version 2007 or higher. The .pdf files can be downloaded and opened to print with Adobe Reader.

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The index to the right lists links to some of the tools that can be used in improvisation over jazz changes (the chords that harmonize the tune). They are written in both treble and bass clef.

Transcriptions of Jazz Bass Solos | .MUS

Nine Jazz Bass Etudes (pizz or arco)

When the Saints:

Saints Leadsheet .pdf | .mus

Two Beat Bass Line .pdf | .mus

Sample Bass Solo .pdf | .mus | video

All the Things You Are:

All the Things Leadsheet .pdf | .mus

All the Things Arpeggios .pdf | .mus

All the Things Modes .pdf | .mus

All the Things Solo .pdf | .mus | video

All the Things Blank Chord Chart .pdf | .mus

My Funny Valentine:

My Funny Valetine Leadsheet .pdf | .mus

My Funny Valetine Blank Chord Chart .pdf | .mus

My Funny Valetine Bass Solo .pdf | .mus | video

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More with Jazz Scales

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