Fall 2019 Semester,
August - December
16 lessons, $450

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Lessons for Intermediate Double Bass Students

On this page are suggestions for Intermediate Bassists
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Each of the five movements of this collection rhythmic solos for bass with piano accompaniment is written in the style of a dance indigenous to a Latin American countryside. Difficulty level 5 - 7

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The six short movements in this collection depict musically episodes that occurred during the the Lewis and Clark Expedition as the group explored the lands acquired by the US in the Louisiana Purchase.
Difficulty level 4 - 6

Pacific Coast on YouTube

This movement may be purchased separately from the collection above, and could either be played in the orchestral register -or- an octave higher to begin to study thumb position.

Guaguanco on YouTube

Students who have been playing a few years can learn to play this intermediate level music composed for double bass with pian accompanimeno. These solos cover the lower range of the double bass, from first to seventh positions, and are not too difficult for any student who has been playing the double bass for three years.