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Lessons for Advanced Bassists

Fall 2019 Semester
August thru December
$450 for 16 Lessons

Bassists who have been
playing Three or Four

Below are music suggestions
for advanced bass students


Double Bass students who have been playing for a few years may begin to tackle more advanced repertory. Here are some ideas for music that may be helpful when working through these transition years.

Left: This collection of five short movements for Unaccompanied Bass has been rated with a Difficulty level of 7 - 8, Advanced, and uses the entire register of the instrument.

To the left: This piece presents a great way begin to learn the higher register of the bass. The bass part begins in the lower register and then is repeated (optionally), once the student knows the melody, an octave higher.

Above: The one movement "Concertino" Double Bass and String Orchestra, rated with a Difficulty level of 7 - 8, Advanced, often finds the bassist playing in the very highest reaches of the fingerboard. Not for the meek of heart.

Advanced Solos

Download at 18 Pages of Double Bass Solos

Bach Prelude Suite 1 | .MP3 | .MIDI | .MUS
Eccles Son. I | .MP3 | .MIDI | .MUS | YouTube
Eccles Sonata II | .MP3 | .MIDI | .MUS
Capuzzi Con- I | .MP3 | .MIDI | .MUS
Dittersdorf I | .MP3 | .MIDI | .MUS | YouTube
Dragonetti I | .MP3 | .MIDI | .MUS | YouTube
Misek Sonata I | .MP3 | .MIDI | .MUS