Ozark Bass Camp
University of Arkansas
July 5-8, 2017!

2017 Summer's Ozark Bass Camp will take place the four days after the 4th of July. Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday we will again have day long sessions, culminating on Saurday with closing student concerts and a recital by guest bassist David Heyes and vocalist Sarah Poole just after lunch.


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2016 Camp Video

Our 2017 Bass
Camp Faculty

David Heyes, Recital Music Publisher, Wells Cathedral School Bassist, England.
Michael Montgomery, Bass Instructor at University of Arkansas.
Ely Yale, Fayetteville High School Orchestra Teacher.
Garrett Jones, Blues Brothers Bassist, NWA Jazz Bassist.
Lourdes Montgomery, Music Director, St. Vincent, OCP Conposer.
Camp Repertory Below

BASSISTS! @ Massed Bass Choir -One of the advantages of having a large number of bassists in a room together is that we have the chance to play music with one another in an orchestra made up entirely of double basses.The links to the right lead to music that was composed or arranged by our guest artist David Heyes or Michael Montgomery, written in four parts so that we bassists can play and perform it together. We will work on and perform selections from each of these, as well as a new quartet by David, only recently premiered in Europe! Student Performances on YouTube of:

Great Wall -and- Orca

From Harmonious Harmonics, Au Clair de la Lune, Kim-Ba-Ya, Frere Jacques

From Six Italian Dances, Le Forze d'Hercole:

From Antarctica Suite, Orca, Antarctica, A Secret Garden:

The Great Wall of China:

PIANISTS and VIOLINISTS! @ Story Book Friends - This year we will offer a special track for a limited number of young pianists and violinists, who will have a chance to collaborate with.some of the bassists. The following ten songs were written as trios for bass, violin, and piano, composed with first year students in mind:

All-Region Music for Bassists
At the UA Summer Bass Camp get an early start on the Fall, 2017 Audition Materials
Below are .PDF Downloadable Sheet Music and .MP3 Audio Files for Listening and Practice:


7th Grade 2017-18 Sheet Music
7th Grade 2017-18 Audio File
8th/9th Grade 2016-17 Sheet Music
8th/9th Grade 2016-17 Audio File
8th/9th 2017-18 Sheet Music
8th/9th 2017-18 Audio File

High School Set II - 2015-16 Sheet Music

Simandl 30 Etudes #8 | PDF | Audio
Simandl New Method #8 | PDF | Audio 
Haydn Symphony #8| PDF | Audio 
Bach Brandenburg #2| PDF | Audio 
Tchaikovsky Sym. #4| PDF | Audio 

High School Set III 2016-17 Sheet Music

Simandl Etude #6 Audio
Simandl Etude #8 Audio
Mozart Magic Flute Audio
Brahms Sym. 2 Audio
Mendelssohn Sym 4 Audio

High School Set I 2017-18 Sheet Music

Simandl Etude #3 (Etudes) Audio
Simandl Etude #3 (Method) Audio
Samson & Delilah Audio
Dvorak Sym. 8 Audio
Beethoven Sym. 5 Audio